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How strong is your prayer game?


How strong is your prayer game?

There are different types of prayer. However, I’m talking about the earth shaking, weather changing, rent paying, ing, healing, dead resurrecting kind of prayer. After studying, researching, and speaking to the Lord, I have gathered that there is a key component that is often left out! And I’m here to tell you the secret!

How strong is your prayer game?


Prayer is a powerful thing. Assuming that the average believer prays more often than none, I will go on a limb and say that you already know how powerful a prayer can be. There are different types of prayer. One being conversational. You know, relational. However, I’m talking about the earth shaking, weather changing, rent paying, job favoring, healing, dead resurrecting kind of prayer. After studying, researching, and speaking to the Lord, I have gathered that there is a key component that is often left out! And I’m here to tell you the secret!

Are you ready?

The word of God.

Yep, it’s that simple.


Before we get into it, I would like to add a few notable disclaimers and statements for clarification:

1. This post is based on my personal experience and what I feel the Lord has shared with me.

  1. You, yourself, have no power. The power that you do have comes directly from Jesus Christ through the power of salvation [Ephesians 1: 19-23]
    3. God answers prayers because of his mercy, not because of our works. Don’t get the big head. It doesn’t matter how many scriptures that you apply or how often you pray. If it is not the Lord’s Will,  It. will. not. happen.
  2. There is no a sure formula, i.e. amount of scriptures to quote or specific scriptures to open God’s heart and “convince” him to give you anything you want. However, in my experience, I have learned that there is a sure place and it’s called submission. In submission, you are completely submitted to God’s Will; therefore, whatever you ask will be given unto you because your will corresponds with His. [1 John 5:14]

    Now, Let’s get started!

    Weak Prayers


    1. Are you Praying or Complaining?

    That is really something to think about. Often times, quite a few of us spend so much time complaining to God, then we step back and wonder why things are not changing. Well, that’s because you are complaining.

    There are two things wrong with complaining:

    1. Complaining gives off the attitude that you are helpless and things are incapable of change.
    2. Complaining only rehearses your current circumstances.

    For example,  here are a few of my old sticky prayers.

                                  Please ignore the messy writing lol My penmanship is not the best when I’m anxious.

At the time of writing my stickies, I thought I was doing a good thing. I was fighting through my feelings and laying my heart on the line, but it was not effectual because I didn’t really believe it. I spoke from a defeated place.

For instance, let’s look at my prayer about “Timing.”

Lord, thank you for your timing. Everything is done as it should be and is ordained by you. I understand that a blessing before it’s time is a burden. So Lord, please keep me focused and encouraged as I walk in your will. I trust you and, more than anything, I want you and want to trust you more than anything. Not my will but yours be done.

Sometimes even the most awesome sounding prayers are really well-dressed complaints. We can pour, Pour, POUR our hearts out to God, but what makes the difference is the place in which the prayers come from. If you are speaking from a place of defeat…you are complaining. On the other hand, if you are speaking from a place of victory you are praying. An even better example of complaining is in the book of Job. Job complained for like 7 chapters straight (chapters 24-31)! He even cursed the day he was born (Job 3:1). We should never allow ourselves to get that caught up; however, I give him a pass because he went through a lot. He lost all of his children, wealth, and was infected with leprosy.

                                                Is you done or Is you finished?

Ok, I’m finished lol Let’s stay focused lol

Here’s what God shared with me regarding the subject!
(M&Ms are “Motivational Minutes” that I post thrice a week via Social Media)

In short, when we focus on God, there is no room for fear, stress, anxiety, pride, and/or self-esteem issues. Fear and Faith cannot operate in the same place. So, we have to make sure our focus is in the right place. We could be doing ourselves a huge disservice by thinking that we are fervently praying about something, but, in reality, we are just affirming our current circumstances. When our minds are set to complain, God wants us to Re-focus and focus on Him! When we focus and fill ourselves with thoughts and reverence of Him. We won’t have room for anything else! 2 Corinthians 10:5 states, “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” (KJV).  Romans 2:12 also says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” (NIV).

  1. Are you Praying or are you Talking?

    Let’s say we’ve refocused–God is the center and we are back at it again. The difference between powerful prayer and talking is scripture. In a previous post of mine, “How to Pray: Tackling the Basics,” I broke down how Jesus instructs us to attest and remind God of His word. Doing so motivates God to move on your behalf, activates the word itself, and activates angels to move on our behalf. If we pray without adding the word of God to plead our case…we are just talking. Don’t get me wrong. Talking is not bad. I speak with the Holy Spirit all the time. It’s relational. It’s just not as powerful.

    For example, here was my sticky note prayer for “Trust and Guidance.”

    I thank you for your faithfulness, for growing my faith Lord. I want to be rooted and grounded in you. I want to know your voice, Lord. I want to trust you without a shadow of any doubt. Grow my faith, O Lord.


    All that was said were valid things that would possibly stir the heart of God; however, it did not even stir my own. Which brings me to another point, scripture in our prayers is important because it not only moves God, but it encourages you, as well. Each scripture has an individual deposit of faith attached to it. As stated in my vlog “Practical Prayer tips,” you need faith and confidence in order to stir up things in the spirit. Teaching and meditating on scripture helps us in that area. In fact, Juanita Bynum just released a sermon that demonstrates how certain scriptures activate certain angels and send them on assignment on your behalf. Wow!

Now, Let’s Power up!


Strong Prayers

Now that we have gone over a few examples of weak prayers. Let’s look at a few stronger prayers, i.e. prayers and scripture.


Here is the prayer that I wrote after the M&M, covering Trust, Guidance, and Timing:

Lord, I thank you for who you are, your majesty, your greatness, and graciousness. I thank you for looking out for me, keeping me upright, out of trouble, and guiding me in the right direction. For leading, guiding, strengthening, and preparing me for your will. I thank you for loving me and keeping me out of trouble. I thank you for never giving me more or allowing me to be tested with more than I could bear. You’ve been with me through thick and thin. You have never left my side. You sacrificed your only son, a part of yourself, to save me. You know my sins. My ending from the beginning, my short falls, my good qualities, the bad and you love me anyway. You handcrafted me and love me so much that you carved my name in your hand. You, yourself, go before me and clear my path. You send your angels as charge over me to protect me. Ye tho I walk through the valley and shadow of death. I will fear no evil. For you are with me. Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. I may stumble, but I will not fall. The word says that she who is with the Lord will not fail & Blessed is she who believes the promises that God has given her. I thank you for blessing me. I have never begged bread and you have never forsaken me. Even in my times of need, I have still been blessed. For that, I thank you, Father. I am a conqueror through Christ Jesus. We have conquered everything that has tried to conquer me. I am the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. I am of a royal priesthood. You have adorned my head with fresh oil. You will renew my youth like eagles. My cup runneth over. I will not allow fear to overtake me. I will not fear because you are with me everywhere that I go. My enemies will not triumph over me for you will deliver me from their hands. The sicknesses they try to inflict me with they will suffer of themselves. For you protect your priesthood. I will trust in you not because you have never let me down, but because of who you are. You are a God that will not lie. Your word is law and life to all who read and live it. I trust you, O, Lord. I honor you. I love you, Lord, because you first loved me. I will mount on wings like eagles. I will run and not be weary. My feet will not slip. I will remain encouraged for you are with me and you will never leave me or forsake me and you will go wherever I go.

    This prayer literally poured out of my spirit. Notice: The theses of the prayer do not correlate with the core themes stated in the beginning, or do they? I believe they do. In fact, This prayer demonstrates how the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf. I’ll explain. In the past, I have come across people who reference Jesus Christ as a great intercessor. I’ve also read verses like Romans 8:34, “Who is to condemn? Christ Jesus is the one who died–more than that, who was raised–who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us (ESV);” however, I never put much thought into what that meant to me. I skimmed it, as most of us do when we don’t fully understand something. *shrugs* Guilty, as charged. However, There is evidence of His intercession is in the content of my prayer. As stated above, the purpose of the prayer was for guidance, comfort within God’s timing, and Trust; however, the main themes of the prayer are trust, confidence, self-esteem, fear, & protection.

    Initially, in my own strength, I prayed for the symptoms of my issues. However, when I allowed the Holy Spirit to move my prayer changed. That is why it is so important to go before God in submission. We could think we are praying for one thing; however, unknowingly, we could be praying to just mask the symptoms of our issues. The same is done with cold medicine. Daily doses of Theraflu or NyQuil will not heal you any faster. The cough syrup merely provides comfort while you wait for the sickness to pass. On the other hand, God knows the root of the issue! The Holy Spirit stepped in, refocused my mind, corrected my prayer, and even equip me by bringing the proper scriptures to my remembrance. As I prayed, I felt confidence arise. I was reassured of who I am in Christ Jesus. I was reminded of how God cares for me, which restored my hope. Last but not least, I felt a stronger desire to trust God more. Afterward, I felt sooooo much better. How awesome is it that we have a great and mighty intercessor on our team!

    Another thing I noticed, is how important it is to study the bible. Mind you, I said, “the Lord equipped me by bringing the proper scriptures to my remembrance”–meaning I already knew them. 2 Timothy 2:15 says, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (KJV). This is a team effort. The Holy Spirit will guide us, but we need to also do our part by being in a position to be guided. Sometimes God does the miraculous; however, do you always want to put him in the position to do so? Let’s not abuse His power nor take it for granted. Instead, let’s follow His word and instructions with every bone in our being.

    Now I am still growing in prayer and my walk with God, but there are others whose prayers would blow me out of the park! For example, my favorite prayer warrior is Dr. Cindy Trimm. My mother and I love to listen to her prayers on Youtube. Her prayers are endowed with scriptures, biblical truths, and declarations of powers and anointings that I have never heard of! This can only come through a vigorous relationship with the Holy Spirit and consistent study of the word of God. If we want to grow in our knowledge of and relationship with God, we must commit to spending more quality time with Him. From there the power of our prayers will grow, our faith will increase, and the influence of God’s presence in our lives. It’s a learning process, but, hey. Let’s commit to the process and inspire others to do the same.

Now, I’ll ask you again,


How strong is your prayer game?

Shanea Longley

Shanea Longley is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Journalism, concentration in Broadcasting, and a Minor in Theatre. Longley aims to use her skills to cultivate and inspire a culture of believers who actively pursue God.

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