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Setting Boundaries and Managing Expectations


Setting Boundaries and Managing Expectations

Setting Boundaries and Managing Expectations

Probably the easiest way to keep yourself from getting frustrated, overwhelmed and disappointed is to make sure you set boundaries and manage your expectations. This can be the case with just about anything- relationships, work, ministry and whatever else you can think of! Setting boundaries and managing expectations can save you a lot of trouble. How so? Well, catch the episode to find out!

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  • Julia

    Hi ,I have a question, I’m a girl trying to figure out how to relate and set boundaries and expectations with a fellow Christian brother that I’ve grown to have an attraction to from our friendship, is it the right thing to do to be honest with that person about how I really feel about them? In our case, I don’t think the feeling is mutual but I’m just wrestling with the idea whether to be selfish and tell him how I feel and give him this burden or to be selfless instead by all not saying anything at all and deal with this on my own and get myself straight (let my feelings subside) from within and set my own boundaries and expectations of myself and others. I just don’t want to ruin our friendship because of my feelings. Please help!

    • Joshua Dillard

      I think you should be honest with him and tell him how you feel, but it’s with the caveat that you have to be ok if he doesn’t feel the same way. Also, you have to tell him that it’s OK if he doesn’t feel the same way and that you just wanted to get that off your chest. Let him know that in no way are you trying to pressure him into a decision by telling him this. Sure you might risk the relationship being weird for a little bit but if you guys are true friends and either of you treat each other differently after the conversation things should be ok.

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