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#FlavaInYaEar: “I Love You So Much” V.Rose featuring Trip Lee

v. Rose (InPop Records)


#FlavaInYaEar: “I Love You So Much” V.Rose featuring Trip Lee

    Even after more than a year of its release, this "Buzzworthy" Knock-Out surpasses the hits of many Pop competitors.

     V.Rose is no rookie to the game. So, it came as no surprise when her album "Young Dangerous Heart" peaked at No.12 on Billboard's Top HeatSeekers Albums.

And, I am pretty sure that this single was a key contributor to this achievement.

    With her smooth melodic harmonies and his cool southern rap crooning, this duet created a thirst quenching formula for success. "I Love You So Much (ILYSM)" featuring Trip Lee, isn't your typical love song. It's an ode to "No Ordinary Love". We've all sought out a connection to a greater love. For all those who have been successful in doing so, here's something to "Tweet" about.

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