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Christon Gray The Glory Album Review: Good Rapper, Great Singer


Christon Gray The Glory Album Review: Good Rapper, Great Singer

Christon Gray The Glory Album Review: Good Rapper, Great Singer

Christon Gray The Glory Album

Christon Gray “The Glory Album”

When I first heard Christon Gray I said to myself, “Finally”. I had been waiting for someone who would bring something different into Christian music, and his music was different. Not only was it different, it was AMAZING. I remember while listening to some of the greats saying to myself “man, I wish there was a singer in Christian music who made music like this”, and then Gray pops on the scene. He was an answered prayer.

I could literally pop School of Roses in for any situation. It spoke to me, and that’s what music is supposed to do- speak to you. Of course, when I was introduced to Christon I wanted to see what else he had put out and to be honest, I was disappointed when I found out he rapped too.

Not to say he’s not a good rapper, I mean he’s good, but we already have A LOT of good rappers in the CHH genre. He created a space that wasn’t there- a great singer. We don’t need another good rapper. He was doing something naturally that every great entrepreneur does when they start their first business, find a niche. No one was, nor is, singing like him in the sub-genre of CHH so why not stay in that lane? It’s wide open.

I must admit, I don’t really listen to rap music like that. I know that sounds weird if you know anything about me as an artist, but it’s the truth. I love great singers, so my review may be a little biased. I know Kirk Franklin is a legend in gospel music, but many millennial’s don’t listen to gospel music like that anymore. It makes sense that he would tell Gray to rap more because he doesn’t have any rappers on his roster; they’re all singers. But Gray is a different singer than the ones signed to Kirk. And Gray, if you want the people’s opinion, we want you to sing more, not rap more.

Check out some the ratings below, for the most part they’re not the best.

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Why be a good rapper when you’re a great singer?

I listened to “The Glory Album” and I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t get through the entire album. Now there is a hefty amount of singing on the album, too. Gray is a talented artist but for some reason this album doesn’t connect with me like School of Roses (SOR) did. Not only did SOR connect, but there are more than a few songs that can get replayed easily. I feel like Glory missed it.

My favorite record was “Open Door.” The way he commands the soft keys vocally when the song begins immediately gets your attention and makes you want to listen more. “I’m walking out that open door. I ain’t coming back no more. See ya later…” And then it happens. Gray starts rapping, and now I find myself listening to the song just to get back to the chorus.

No artist wants to be put in a box, I get it. But what if God put you in that box? I feel like the rap songs threw off the tempo of the album. It’s like the heavy rap joints were distractions in the album. Like he put them in there because Kirk said rap more. But I can say that I enjoyed the “Stop Me” record. It felt like Gray was in the studio with Kanye when he wrote this record. The heavy grand, tempo, and flow are reminiscent of the Ye we all love and miss.

I’m not sure why, but it seems like there are a lot of ballads on this record. That’s not a bad thing. I mean, I usually enjoy ballads, but it seemed like a little much. I’m sure it’s easier to sit on a piano and just start singing. The composition and production of SOR seemed more complex and relevant. What I mean is that if I went to a Christon Gray concert I wouldn’t want to watch him at a piano the entire time singing. It gets boring and old pretty quickly.

Needless to say, this is coming from a guy who probably couldn’t sit through an entire John Legend concert if He were playing ballads the entire time. I really appreciate and admire great performers. People who take their stage performance to the next level.

Since we’re talking about next level, I can’t say that The Glory Album is. Out of 1 through 10 I’d give it a 6. I’m sure this is not the last we’ll hear from Gray, so I’m looking forward to what’s next. Until then, SOR is my go-to project from Gray for now.

You can purchase “The Glory Album” by clicking the picture below


If you’ve heard both projects vote on which one you like the most below.



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