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ask us anythingWelcome to “Ask Us Anything” Page!

After just a couple weeks of going live we already have a captive audience that love the show! Here’s your chance to be on the show. How? We’ll feature your question on an episode! You can literally ASK US ANYTHING and we’ll choose the question to be featured on a show. If you’re featured we’ll shoot you an email to look out for it. Submit your Voice Message Below!

If you don’t know, the show is pre-recorded. We will eventually shoot the show live and you’ll be able to call-in in real time, but for now leaving us a message with your question works just fine. If your question is selected you will be notified through email to check out the show your question was featured on.

It’s time for us to hear your thoughts! Your concerns. Your questions.

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Submitting a Question

We want this show to be fun, real, transparent, and empoering! So let’s keep it real, okay? But please use common sense and show courtesy with your questions. That way everyone wins! Here are some guidelines to ensure your question is qualified to be featured on the show.

  1. Please keep your question under one minute in length. If it goes a little over, that’s fine, but please keep it concise and to the point.
  2. Make sure you state your name and where you’re calling from, City and State.
  3. Un-thoughtful, disrespectful, or deeply private questions will not be considered for the podcast.

I use, a fantastic web service that allows anyone to leave a voicemail message through the Internet. All you need is an Internet connection and a microphone. You could even do it right from your phone if you’re browsing from the web.

Please note that by submitting a voicemail question, you’re allowing me to share it publicly on the podcast.

Google Voice

You can also submit a question by calling the number below from your cell phone. Don’t forget to state who you are and where you’re calling from.


We may not be able to get to every question and if your question doesn’t make it on the show it doesn’t mean that the question wasn’t good enough. We may have already answered a similar question to yours on previous episodes.

Also if you’re in a tough spot and you really need an answer, email me directly. It could take us longer than usual to listen to all of the questions. Thanks for understanding and you’re a beast for listening!

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