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Art, Fashion & Music


Art, Fashion & Music

ATL rapper Cellus Hamilton

When I walk around the streets of Manhattan, I see the most fly men and women walk the streets. Way more than the Bronx! Based on their fashion, I can tell whether they are musicians, artists, dancers, actors/actresses, poets or any creative profession. Fashion is art. Music is art. A person’s outer shell (body) is art. The shell that holds the heart & soul of the person is where their creativity comes from! As the years fly by, the styles and trends change. As each human is born a decade after decade, new creative trends surface the world, influencing millions to create more to influence, even more, something like paying it forward.

Art, Fashion & Music are three of the most popular elements of creativity. They allow us to express creativity and even cement our identity to our creative works. All three elements have so much in common as we see they are always used to promote one element with the other. Fashion can promote music, music can promote artwork, artwork can promote fashion and the list goes on. Endless waves of new artwork, fashion and music rains upon consumers 24/7, 365 days a year! They are unique in their own category but always comes together for the same purpose. They certainly have a lot in common being that they always come together. I am going to break down each fundamental of each God-given element of creativity.


God has given different humans a unique sense of creativity, whether they know it or not.

Grateful Apparel model Nate Goyco

When some hear the word “art”, they either think sketching, drawing, painting, design, and sculptures. We creatives, on the other hand, looks at the entire world as art. In the eyes of a creative, everything around them is art. That is what makes us unique from other professions. When inspired, we study the materials around us and manipulate it to function the same way materials brought from stores function. For example, musicians on a budget would use see-through fabric (stocking, dress socks to name a few) for a microphone shield, a model can turn a t-shirt into a dress, or *insert creative ideas here*. Trending art changes up every year. The more creatives are born, the more art will continue to change up. The possibilities are endless for a creative since we see the world as art. Art in itself is the parent of music and fashion.


The world around us is our canvas!


So what makes fashion & music artists in their own unique form?


Fashion can not only involve clothing, it can also involve simple household items such as bed sheets, window curtains, towels, mops (not even being funny with that one) and much more. The way fashion is planned comes from the place of how a creative carries themselves as well communicate to the world that this is what they are. Whether it’s strange, different, free, and unique! Clothing is not only created to protect our shell from natural climate and to modestly (sometimes) cover ourselves, it also showcases our creativity. Clothing can also reflect on our characteristics, but that’s another discussion. Years after years, the style of clothing changed in every medium. From musicians, artists, corporate people, vacationers, travelers, animal personalities and much more. Some even do it for fun!

Music is the most influential art element that has hit the earth. The beauty of it is that your own ears are the canvas of the beginning stages of creating music. It’s not messy! Catching ears is just as effective as catching eyes! The form of music has been an amazing artistic ear catcher for centuries, ever since the first song was written by Syrians 3000+ years ago (google it)! With the help of instruments crafted for this purpose, they produce beautiful noise when played with professionally. Play unprofessionally produces not so attractive sounds! Even the vocals of a person is an instrument! Believe it or not, everybody can sing! You either just have to be taught how to control your voice, or it’s a God given talent that was blessed from birth. Nevertheless, your voice can produce music as well! The way you sing will never sound the same as others unless you want it to be (I hope not)! That’s what makes you unique artistically!


What I love about art is that it helps you find yourself. Through your journey of creativity, no matter the art form, you discover different things about yourself. Martial Arts legend Bruce Lee once said: “The mind is fertile like a garden.” Whatever seed you plant in your mind, the results can vary. It can be a plant you’ll love or a plant you hate. The outcomes are endless, but throughout the process, you discover what you like and don’t like, what fits your personality and what kind of style you use. It is also a fun journey of self-discovery so if you haven’t, come on board!


The way you create defines your character in a lot of ways you may or may not realize. How you plan, your ideas, what sources you use, who influences your style, the fashion you display, the creatives you surround yourself with, the list goes on! African-American creatives use the art of hip-hop to communicate the urban community struggle. Some use fashion to express their self-image. Some use the art of visual illustration to communicate and raise awareness for a cause, issue, and unpopular topics!

Art also has its controversies.

Some of the art that is displayed in this era are very controversial. From album covers, songs, clothes that society says you shouldn’t wear, etc. One of the hardest things about being a creative, Christian or not, is that you’ll get judged for every little piece of detail on your art. We live in a “destroy build destroy world”, where people will find every negative thing to say about the person and their work until mess hits the fan, then they build them up again, only to break them down yet again.

What all three creative elements have in common is that it gives you freedom. The same freedom we have in Christ is the same freedom we have to express ourselves. Because art is a creative form of expression, we cannot expect people to understand it. That in itself is good! Because a lot of people struggle with identity. If they let their creative control takeover, the artist will along the way find their identity! I believe God has created art for not just to change the world, but for the purpose of being defined in who you are. I tell people this all the time: “Your Mind is Your Greatest Design.

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