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About Joshua Dillard

Hi everyone, my name is Joshua Dillard

I’m so glad you visited my website and whether you’ve checked out the podcast radio show or you’ve read a blog, I pray that you were empowered and inspired by something you encountered. Me? Oh I’m just a regular guy who loves my family and Jesus.

I recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary with the love of my life, Veronica Dillard, my wife, who has literally made my life better in every way, shape or form. Our story is amazing; it blows me away till this day. Long story short, God showed her that I was her husband and she waited a year and a half faithfully for Him to reveal the same thing to me and when He did, the rest has been history.

We have an amazing son who has been excelling in his classes thus far because we don’t play that. His name is Micaiah and he loves to dance and talk. Ask anybody that has ever met him and they’ll tell you the same thing.

The people I’ve mentioned above are some of the most important people in my life and I can assure you that everything I’ve accomplished so far has been for them. But the most important thing……is my relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

He changed my life. He gave me a purpose. He showed me who I am and what I’m here to do. Because of His grace, He’s allowed me to accomplish some major things which I’ll list later so you can get a better feel of who I am.

Joshua DillardI know you have to be wondering, what is the Fly Society Podcast? Well it’s a podcast radio show where young believers get together to be real, raw, authentic, and talk about the stuff on our hearts that we care about. It’s crazy how the Word says that “they” will overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of “their testimony” but most Christians don’t want to share what they’ve been through and talk about the tough subjects.

It was put on my heart to change that- to give us a safe place to be real, without judgement. So we do that on our podcast show that reaches people from ages of 18 to 35. Not only that, we interview some of the most unconventional Christians to get their perspective on how their faith influences who they are and what they do- from entertainers, actors, athletes, artist, entrepreneurs and pastors. We love to ask the real questions.

My background.

I’m originally from Houston, TX where I graduated from Nimitz High School and attended Texas Southern University. After being drawn to Christ at the young age of 19, I served faithfully at In Christ Ministries International and received my ministerial license. During this time we started a Christian Hip Hop group that changed the world as we know it. Through that group we had the opportunity of being featured on some of the biggest national platforms and television networks. One of those networks was B.E.T and the show was called “106 and Park” at the time and we were the first-ever Christian Rap Artists to be extended an invitation to perform on that platform.

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tpov front

The Power of Vision

Last year I realized that I really had an affinity for writing, and not just writing anything. I said to myself that I’d like to write my first book. It happened and guess what? With a little work and faith I finished writing my first book, The Power of Vision, and it’s available on Amazon as we speak.

The Power of Vision takes you on a journey to finding vision, and I’m literally with you every step of the way as we break mental barriers that’s been holding you back. This isn’t your typical “self-help” book. Have you ever had a personal trainer? Someone who was right beside you screaming “YOU CAN GIVE ME ONE MORE!”

I know it may sound intense but that what this book is to anyone who reads it. Through intricate story-telling of my personal journey, with a mix of parables that you will personally connect with, I’m sure anyone who finishes this book will be well on their way to accomplishing God’s purpose for their life.


You can check the book out on Amazon.

barackPresidential Awarded

Have you ever heard of the scripture that states, “He will bring you before kings”? That’s true. One of the greatest moments of my career was when the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, recognized and awarded the volunteer service achievement award, for a song that I co-wrote entitled “No Sex”. It’s a song that encourages and connects with anyone who’s serious about practicing a lifestyle of abstinence.

“Joshua’s service creates real lasting change and he demonstrates the kind of commitmment it takes for each person to fulfill his or her potential and push America closer to its great promise”President Barack Obama


I have a strong desire to help millennial’s and young professionals pursue their passion and I know that finding a relationship with Christ is the most effective way for anyone to know their purpose. There are a lot of things that influence this culture and one of the biggest influences is Hip Hop. Did you know, according to CNN, Hip Hop is the most important genre of music since 1960 and scientists have proven why? I’m sure anyone who’s anyone knows how this genre of music has negatively affected our culture as well but you can’t deny that Hip Hop is the music of future generations. 

What’s really interesting is that according to CNN, millennials are leaving the church by droves. When I read this I was astonished. “Does the church know,” I asked myself. If they know, then do they care? If they care, why aren’t they doing anything about it? The only answer that came to me was a soft voice that said “that’s why I created you”. Some have deemed me the voice for the next generations, but really I’m just a regular guy with a sense of urgency that we have to do something to fix this problem.

My doing something started with releasing music that had a Christ-centered message but was so good that people enjoyed listening to it. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how good the message is, if the music sucks, it just sucks and no one will continue to listen. 


Moment of SIlence

I put out my first solo project in 2014 entitled Moment of Silence. It was my first solo project apart from Still Trill Christians, and it’s available at digital retailers everywhere. It has been streamed over 40,000 times and counting.

Moment of Silence on iTunes




mmm_front_coverLater that year I released my second project, Motivation Music the Mixtape, for free online and it has garnished over 90,000 downloads since it’s release!

Motivation Music the Mixtape





Check out my music video Celebrate above

slider_fantasia-1140x641I’m thankful that such prominent people have had gracious words to say about what we’re doing to impact this generation. 

“I think JT is dope. I love how he connects and makes it cool for young people to chase their dreams. I love what he’s doing” – American Idol Winner, Fantasia Barrino


Quote:  “I’ve never heard anything like this before, we have to get them on our show” – Senior Writer for BET Networks 106 and Park

 More Highlights and Appearances:

  •  Fox News Interview and No Sex Campaign
  • Appearance in Houston Chronicle Newspaper
  • Appearance in Sister 2 Sister Magazine
  • Over 280,000 views on YouTube (combined)
  • Covered Young Houston Magazine’s Fall 2014 Issue
  • Top 100 Young Professionals, Young Houston Magazine, Spring Issue 2015
  • Appeared on BET Networks 106 and Park

If you’d like to book me for a speaking engagement I would love to come to your event. Just fill out this quick form and someone will be in contact with you shortly. 


– Josh

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